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The "iKonic Project” is dedicated to the myriad analog processes of photography. Join us as we go back in time to the days before digital photography to explore the art of manipulative photography and handmade prints.

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The power of social media is the ability to connect and share information with anyone on earth! Join us on our social media quest, where we strive to provide you the best in photography, news, reviews and information all at your fingertips.

" We have to go back to 1944, to the very first concept of a kind of photography that would become part of the human being. And yet it is clear that as far as we have come and as remarkable as that achievement seems to be we are still a long way from the concept from the realization of the concept of a camera that would be, oh, like the telephone — something that you use all day long, whenever an occasion arises you could in effect press a button and have a record of it — in its accuracy, its intricacy and its beauty." - Edwin H. Land

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Vintage Solutions

Providing vintage & Retro style portraiture, commercial and conceptual photography, using Polaroid cameras, film and analog processes.

iKonic Artwork

Shop our iKonic Gallery for one of a kind artwork. Or, commission us to create an “iKonic” and personalized work of art to hang in your home or office.

The iKonic Academy

We strive to provide the best tutorials in alternative photography at the "iKonic Academy" provided by ConnectPal.com & Odysee.com. Private lessons are also available.

Our iKonic Store

This will be the place to find the rare and hard to find cameras, film and equipment. Join the iKonic Project (memberships coming soon) to stay informed of all new items posted

Vintage Films

The iKonic Project prides it's self in bringing you the very best in vintage films, commercials and documentaries. We are relentless in our search to bring you the very best!


Did you know there are 12 new celluloid 35mm and 120 film stocks that are available for your vintage camera in 2021? Stay informed of the latest information and news with the iKonic Newsletter.

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The Latest Lessions


Polaroid Emulsion Lifts

Classic step by step visual instructions on how to perfect Polaroid Emulsion Lifts and Transfers.


Polaroid SX-70 Manipulation

Time Zero Film - It still works! Watch and learn how to manipulate an SX-70 image.


Hand Painted Negatives

An iKonic Project exclusive! Learn how to paint and manipulate a medium format negative.


Square Shooter "Pinhole" Hack

Watch and learn how to hack a Polaroid Square Shooter into your very own Pinhole camera!


Alternative Darkroom Techniques

An ongoing guide to creative darkroom techniques hand coloring, infrared, liquid emulsion and more!


Working with the "Big Shot"

Shooting retro portraits with the Polaroid Big Shot, made famous by renowned artist Andy Warhol.

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